Terms & Conditions

July 31, 2016
  1. Carrusca Football Academy (Crazy 4 football Pty Ltd) reserve the right to refuse applications from persons we feel will jeopardise the integrity of our Development courses & to remove disruptive or abusive players at their discretion.
  2. Players registered will remain on the course until completion, any players wishing to leave during a course will receive no refunds of monies paid and will be responsible for their own transport home.
  3. All players registered with Carrusca Football Academy are accountable for their behaviour and conduct. Any abuse (physical or verbal) against members of the public, staff or other players will be treated with ZERO tolerance and will result in the immediate removal from Carrusca Football Academy.
  4. All players must be prompt for sessions as stated in the course timetable. Lateness/absence from sessions will result in the individual player missing the session and will be recorded and noted on your final evaluation.
  5. Carrusca Football Academy accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to any personal property whilst attending any of our training programs and school holiday football camps.
  6. Carrusca Football Academy or any of its coaching staff accepts no responsibility for any injury, death, loss or damage to the applicant player during our training programmes. Parent(s)/Tutor(s) understand and are fully aware of the risks associated with their child participating in the activities provided by Carrusca Football Academy and participate at their own risk and shall indemnify Carrusca Football Academy and its staff against all actions, suits, proceedings, demands, costs and expenses which may be taken or made against Carrusca Football Academy.
  7. Sporting activities require physical exertion and include a risk of injury. Participation of your child/yourself or your guests is your acceptance of that risk, on their behalf. Carrusca Football Academy will not accept liability for the injury or death of any person at a Carrusca Football Academy session or event
  8. Where Parent/Tutor unable to be contacted or it is otherwise impracticable for me to be contacted, Carrusca Football Academy is authorise the adult in charge (i.e. Directors, Coaches or any Staff of Carrusca Football Academy) to
  • Consent to my child receiving medical assistance as recommended by a medical practitioner in the event of any illness or accident.
  • Administer or consent to such first aid as the adult in charge may consider to be reasonably necessary in the case of illness or accident.
  1. It is the parents’ responsibility to accept all risks involved in the administration of medical or first aid treatment considered necessary and the responsibility for payment of all expenses incurred in relation to such treatment and any emergency transportation required.
  2. If a player is seriously injured where an Ambulance is required, Carrusca Football Academy and its officers will call for an ambulance if the player’s Parent(s)/Guardian(s) are not immediately available to grant authorization at the cost of the player.
  3. You must disclose to Carrusca Football Academy of any medical conditions the registered player has where applicable on the registration form. Such information will be kept strictly confidential by Carrusca Football Academy as is other personal information we may collect.
  4. Carrusca Football Academy will notify all Parent(s)/Tutor(s) via a SMS and/or email that a session is to be postponed or reschedule to another venue in the event of wet weather or extreme heat. Carrusca Football Academy reserves the right to request the removal from the session, of any child causing significant disruption or safety risk to themselves or others children.
  5. You must contact Carrusca Football Academy if the registered player is unable to attend the scheduled session.
  6. Sessions are cancelled if the School have shut down the field or if the weather is severe.
  7. If a session is cancelled, the coaches will text you to let you know. You can then email Carrusca Football Academy to organise your make up session. The decision on whether a class will go ahead is made prior to the session, not the day before.
  8. Non attending when a session has not been officially cancelled by Carrusca Football Academy means the session is lost.
  9. Carrusca Football Academy may grade players into specific groups and this is at the discretion of Carrusca Football Academy coaching staff and is dependent on the player’s ability.
  10. It is compulsory that all registered players wear the Carrusca Football Academy official uniform. Appropriate footwear (Trainers or football boots, depending on the surface) must be worn to ensure safety and maximum enjoyment.
  11. Shin pads are recommended for all children, and are COMPULSORY for children aged 5 upwards.
  12. Carrusca Football Academy is committed to being sun aware. All children must wear a sun hat during the sessions. We also strongly recommend arriving with sunscreen already applied, and to have enough fluids for the duration of the sessions.
  13. Parents/guardians must inform the coaches if you remove your child during a session.
  14. Fees; due to the age of our Players (4 – 16), we only accept payment from a Parent or Legal Guardian of the person wishing to register with One Touch Football Academy.
  15. Once payment has been received no refunds will be provided except with prior written agreement from Carrusca Football Academy. No refund will be given if you change your mind. If your child suffers a long term illness such as a broken limb, or other extreme circumstances, please notify Carrusca Football Academy straight away. Carrusca Football Academy will consider putting accounts on hold or issue a credit note at its discretion.
  16. Carrusca Football Academy reserves the right to carry out the training sessions or not when the number of registered players is less than 12 kids.
  17. Carrusca Football Academy occasionally takes photographs and video footage of player during sessions and other events they may manage. You acknowledge that Carrusca Football Academy reserves the right to use such photographs and video footage taken of your child for use in publications, promotional material, on its website and its social media in order to solely promote One Touch Football Academy, unless you advise in writing that you do not wish for this to occur.
  18. We reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time. Any such changes will be effective immediately upon posting on the website. You should regularly check this page for any amendments.