June 25, 2018
ACADEMY PHILOSOPHY The current landscape for the youth development of football in Australia needs to be revisited as there is a growing demand from clubs, coaches, schools and agents of new generations of players.  Carrusca Football Academy has been created with two clearly-defined missions
  1. To train new generations of youth players with the skills and habits to make Australia a successful contender on the world stage, both in men’s and women’s football.
  2. To foster a real ‘football culture’

Carrusca Football Academy emerged as a comprehensive Football Academy focused on providing future generations a platform to develop their sporting skills in a friendly, inclusive and safe environment. The guiding principle is that young athletes have Fun while they Learn and Play the “Most Beautiful Sport in the World”.  Carrusca Football Academy has been successfully designed and implemented youth football training programs that offer something different and special. The main objective is to develop players’ abilities off the pitch, as well as on it, by introducing them to experiences that will shape their development into young adults and give them life skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. One of the most important thing will be to share and pass on the experiences and the values we have learned since we were very young.

Respect – Discipline – Teamwork – Sacrifice

The Four Core Values of the Academy.

Carrusca Football Academy continues to grow and after having successful results in schools and in the Saturday morning clinics, now it is time to make the leap to clubs. We are excited to introduce the newPlayer Technical Development Program’ aimed at amateur and professional football clubs and seeking to meet the demands of an increasingly competitive Australian league. About the PROGRAM The program was born from the need to improve and enhance the skills of South Australia players.


It is well-known that in Europe and South America, children play football from a very young age, from 4 to 5 times per week. We aim to gradually incorporate that philosophy into Australian football and we choose the Club to launch the program. We strongly believe that the training quality, intensity and quantity will make a difference. We feel that football in the future will require technical players who make clever and fast creative decisions, which is our stated focus in Youth Development.  Carrusca Football Academy reinforces values such as discipline, respect for rules and teamwork, family integration and promotes a healthy lifestyle. As a demonstration of such commitment, during the program, will advise parents and athletes who so require, about healthy eating habits and the importance of the appropriate food intake requirements for athletes with an active lifestyle. We must emphasize the importance of being able to form a strong Partnership between the CFA and the Club. There will be benefits for being associated with a name like Marcelo Carrusca. Our TEAM Carrusca Football Academy is supported by highly qualified staff and licensed professionals in the field. Undoubtedly, Marcelo is the fundamental pillar of the academy, so he is committed to work together with the coaches, designing the training program and adapting the sessions to meet the specific needs of each player. We work with highly experienced and dedicated coaches and assistant coaches who have previously participated in competitive overseas leagues such as South American and European. Marcelo has personally selected the main coaches after an in- depth evaluation of numerous candidates who follow Marcelo’s football philosophy. The technical ability and professionalism of the coaches is fundamental for this type of program to be carried out with success. Marcelo´s successful professional career does not allow him to be in charge of daily training, but he will be present whenever his commitments with his current club do not overlap. About the TRAINING SESSIONS The program has been designed as a complement to the sessions led by the club itself and the team of coaches, focused mainly on the technical development of the player. The aim is to train the players in the tactical aspect so the athletes familiarize with different and innovative game techniques. We propose a carefully planned age-appropriate approach, based on the Football Federation Australia (FFA) National Curriculum and with the added benefit of counting with overseas and highly experienced coaches who bring in new and innovative teaching techniques.


After careful and thorough assessment, the sessions can be adapted to suit each specific needs and develop the skills of athletes from the foundation right through to elite game day training. Main OBJECTIVES The Carrusca Football Academy´s main objective is to foster and promote the practice of football and more importantly, to pursue the development of each and every one of the young athletes. Participants will grow both physically and mentally and aspire to apply their skills during Youth League Competitions. In youth football we will primarily teach young players the proper skills and allow them to play without negative pressure so they can be allowed to express themselves and to learn their mistakes. Winning is not the main objective.


The emphasis of the Program will be marked in the improvement of those aspects that the players need to improve and NOT in performing a similar training to the Club. Technical Dribbling / running with the ball / turning / short and long passing / ball control / receiving / heading / shooting and finishing. Tactical Defending / attacking movement / vision / space awareness / when and where to pass. Nutrition Healthy food and fluids / rest. Football Psychology Be positive / positive self-talk / set goals / always give your best. Sociological Attitude / behaviour / discipline / communication. Expectations Our ‘Player Technical Development Program’ aim is committed to upskilling all participants with the necessary skills to formulate a school soccer team. The program itself provides participants with the tools to develop individual skills, fitness, team tactics, a growth mindset and an overall enjoyment for football.  Coaching Expectations
  • Present meaningful and topic based lessons and practical sessions
  • Communicate effectively with participants regarding performance, practice days and time, matches
  • Respect and develop trusting relationships with participants
  • Be fair, consistent and have a positive role model
  • Develop participants’ individual talents and strengths
  • Provide feedback that can be taken on board and further developed
 Participant Expectations:
  • A Commitment to attending lessons and practical sessions with an open mind
  • Dedicated approach to learning
  • Positive attitude towards themselves and others
  • Willingness to communicate with coaches to ensure participants’ wellbeing
  • Respect the privacy of others and show diligence when accessing social media

The Carrusca Football Academy looks forward to welcoming and supporting you on your football journey as it evolves and develops.

Come and join us. Football is more than a Sport,