Primary School Clinics

July 31, 2016


Especially designed for aspiring players, this program is an introduction to football. We aim to develop a life-long love of the game. Our coaches are motivated, qualified and relate well with young children.

Our school based Clinic Program is aimed at students aged 6-12 years old with a curriculum that focuses on building the necessary skills needed from the foundation right through to elite game day training. Participants will grow both physically and mentally and aspire to apply their skills during Youth League Competitions.

Our curriculum will be following the FFA recommendations plus our knowledge and experience from Argentina and Spain.

The Phases

Our Football Curriculum distinguishes between 3 training phases. The Methodology is the framework that provides practical guidelines for coaches and players working at all levels from U5 up to U12. The Phases

Main Objectives

The Carrusca Football Academy´s main objective is to foster and promote the practice of football and more importantly, to pursue the development of each and every one of the young athletes. Participants will grow both physically and mentally and aspire to apply their skills during Youth League Competitions.

The Football Curriculum is primarily aimed at the thousands of children and youngsters who are playing football at grassroots level.

In youth football we will primarily teach young players the proper skills and allow them to play without negative pressure so they can be allowed to express themselves and to learn their mistakes. Winning is not the main objective.

Technical: Dribbling/running with the ball/turning/short and long passing/ball control/receiving/heading/shooting and finishing.

Tactical: Defending/attacking movement/vision/space awareness/when and where to pass.

Nutrition: Healthy food and fluids/rest.

Football Psychology: Be positive/positive self-talk/set goals/always give your best.

Sociological: Attitude/behaviour/discipline/communication.

Cycle Planning

This 8 week cycle is based on the assumption that the weekly training sessions are once a week with an eventually game during the weekend.

 Cycle Planning

Striking the ball: This includes all forms of striking the ball such as short/long passing/shooting/crossing.

First touch: Controlling the ball with all allowed body parts.

Coordination: Discover the body and the relationship with a ball.

Running with the ball: At speed (with a lot of space) or ‘dribbling’ (in tight areas), this includes techniques for protecting the ball and changing direction.

At this age, the players begin to understand what the game’s purpose is. Although the individual play is significant, the players start to understand that they have to work together in order to be successful.

We feel, though, that football in the future will require technical players who make clever and fast creative decisions, which is our stated focus in Youth Development.